Picking the Time of Your Beach Ceremony

Picking the Time of Your Beach Ceremony

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Part Two- What do you want for your ceremony time?

                There are a lot of factors that go into picking the time for your beach wedding ceremony.  If you are on the Atlantic ocean, don’t expect gorgeous sunset pictures of your wedding.  Why?  Because the sun sets on the other coast.  Think more toward a sunrise or early morning ceremony.  The earlier ceremony time has a lot of advantages.  First, the sun is low and the photography looks amazing.  Secondly, the beach has not had time to heat up and the temperatures are usually more bearable.  Lastly, an early morning wedding means a brunch reception and it will safe you a boatload of cash.  Instead of an open bar for five hours, you can do passed mimosas followed by brunch, and you are all set.

                If you have your heart set on a sunset wedding, just remember that would be on the West Coast- the Gulf of Mexico or Pacific Ocean.  Remember that the sun has baked this sand all day long and it will radiate back on your guests and burn your feet, if you are not careful.  Provide an ample water station, chilled tubes of sun block, baskets of flip flops, fans, and maybe even sunglasses with your wedding date printed on them.

Maybe your favorite  beach location only has time available for an afternoon ceremony.  In this case, you know it is going to be hot.  Provide as much shade as you can for your guests.  If there are elderly attendees, why not offer them a parasol to keep the sun off and if it is not going to be breezy then maybe a portable fan or two.

In the later two cases, take it from a pro and keep your ceremony short and sweet.  Keep it personal, beautiful, and to the point.  I promise you’ll not hear anyone say they wished the ceremony was 30 minutes longer.

Let Intimate Weddings of Tampa help you pick the perfect time for your beach ceremony.