What to wear to a Beach Wedding

What to wear to a Beach Wedding

Tampa Elopement Wedding PackageWhat to Wear to a Beach Wedding

A beach wedding is the way to go if you love the beautiful water, soft sand, and sweet sea breeze! Whether it be as a guest or even as a bride or groom, what to wear to a beach wedding can be tricky. Here are a few rules to live by when dressing for a wedding on the beach.

Guest Attire

As a guest it is important to look great while remaining comfortable! When it comes to beach wedding attire it is best that guests go with lighter fabrics, such as linen or cotton blends. These keep guests cool and comfortable while still looking great! When it comes to choosing colors for your wedding attire, be sure to use the environment to your advantage. An array of tropical tones such as blue, light green, sunset orange, or even yellow are classy yet flattering tones. Prints such as floral or stripes are also appropriate for such occasion.


Ladies, it is important to keep skirt length in mind. While the sweet sea breeze is great for keeping guests cool, it is not so friendly to short and lightweight skirts. If you opt for a lighter fabric, steer clear of short skirts and go for a more maxi style. For shorter statures, try a midi style dress as it is not only flattering but a flash proof option to beat those breezes!

If you choose an outfit that is sleeveless, consider a light cardigan to stay warm when the sun goes down or the breeze picks up. Another option is to look for a top with lightweight sleeves. This way you can stay warm and not overheat on the sunny beach! When choosing shoes it is important to factor in the sand. Classy sandals, or even a short wedge is a great for this occasion. Try to go for a dressy but functional style as you will be navigating the sand!


While a suit is typical wedding attire, the beach tends to call for a more breathable choice such as a linen shirt paired with tan slacks. If you opt for a suit, avoid heavy fabrics and go for a more lightweight jacket. If your choice of attire is a suit, venture towards a tan or blue suit rather than a classic black suit. This is not only charming but will better fit the beach style wedding! When it comes to shoes, dress shoes are always a good choice. If you wear a suit, opt for a dress shoe that matches the suit you’ve chosen. If you go for the linen shirt and tan slacks look, go for a dressier sandal or even a casual dress shoe.

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Hope these tips help you look great and remain comfortable this wedding season! Stay tuned for a guide to wedding party beach attire!

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