Perfect Beach Wedding Location

Perfect Beach Wedding Location

Intimate Weddings of Tampa

Essentials for the Perfect Beach Wedding

The idea of getting married on a tropical beach, is what dreams are made of.
For a shore-loving couple,  imagine the sound of the surf, sand between your toes and crystal blue water behind you.  Beach weddings give you an abundance of choices and here are a few tips to make your ceremony one to remember. Picking the perfect beach wedding location is essential.

Part One -Location

The are all types of beaches throughout the state of Florida.  There are the dark brown sands of Cocoa Beach, Power white sands of Clearwater Beach, and the singing White Sands of Pensacola Beach (silica squeaks when you walk on it,) and everything in between.  Along with the sand types there are basically three types of beach locations as well.  Resort beaches, behind maybe you favorite all-inclusive resort restaurant, or hotel. With these usually everything is taken care of for you.  This is not the DIY type of location.  You pick one of several ceremony layouts or designs, and let the resort take care of all the details on your wedding day.

Public beaches are another option.  You have public beaches that may or may not be filled to overflowing with the sun-worshiping tourists. These are great if you are on a budget and expect family or friends to help set everything up, just before the ceremony.  Or you can hire a wedding planner to make sure this is all done for you, just before your guests arrive.

Lastly, you have private beaches.  These can be behind a resort or even a private residence.  The rule on these is that they are private only to the high tide line on the beach.  For someone wanting to be a little more hands on, this might be the best fit for you.  You can design it any way you want, set it up, and then retire to the house or resort to get ready; without the worry that someone will be walking through your space before the ceremony.

You pick the level or privacy you want for your wedding day and choose accordingly.

We at Intimate Weddings of Tampa would love to work with you to make your beach wedding a reality.