How to Pick the Right Officiant for Your Wedding

How to Pick the Right Officiant for Your Wedding

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How to pick the right officiant for your wedding:

  1. Talk to them. Do you feel comfortable with them?  Are they accommodating to your questions?  Personality is everything.  If the person doesn’t click with the two of you, then it’s probably not a good fit.
  2. Have you seen pictures or video of the officiant in action? What will they wear?  Will they blend in to your wedding or stand out like
  3. Has this person done a number of weddings? Many couples use a family friend or relative, but these usually prove to be mediocre at best. Also, what happens if you use a friend or family member and they do a terrible job?  It can lead to t feelings or the loss of that friendship.
  4. Do they know the nuances of the ceremony? Will they remember to ask your guest to rise for the bride or seat your guests afterward? Do they know the parts of the ceremony?
  5. Can they create a custom ceremony that fits your desires?  Sure, they can find something online, but so can everyone else.  How are they going to make your ceremony unique to the two of you?
  6. Are they licensed and insured? More and more venues require all vendors to provide proof of insurance.  Wouldn’t it be terrible to plan your entire wedding and realize that they insurance they were required to provide was not valid?
  7. Do they know how to fill out a marriage license? In a recent conversation with the Clerk of Courts, they mentioned that they have seen a surge in the number of marriage licenses not filled out correctly, and thus had to be returned.  This delay in the processing of the marriage license can affect insurance, titles, and a host of other issues.
  8. Can your officiant accommodate your cultural or religious request? Want a catholic ceremony, but just realized a catholic priest doesn’t do services outside his church?  Can your officiant help with that?  Have they every done a ceremony blending two faiths or customs?
  9. If you are looking for a minister to marry you, have your checked out to see where they minister?  Many people claim to be ministers, but they actually have their ordination or licensing through an online services, without any real preparation or theology education. Ask the minister about where they minister and how long they have been there.  Dig a little. Again, read reviews.  We exclusively refer Sensational Ceremonies for all our officiant services, because we’ve done the leg work for you in checking them out.

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